The artisans of the Project

In order to carry out our renovation project, we called on a project manager and craftsmen. We were assisted by real professionals. The Project Manager, Christophe DE BRITO Director of the LMVE company in Montastruc, was of great help to us. His professional experience has enabled us to overcome certain renovation difficulties and has always found a solution to technical problems that may arise during the restoration of the barn. He managed all the administration including the building permit, the quotes of the craftsmen, the management of invoices and the validation of the payment of the craftsmen.In this renovation, Mr. DE BRITO allowed us to choose very good craftsmen like the earthworker Florian HUGON in Valence d'Agen, the mason Frédéric GERALDES from Lamagistère, the carpenter Saint LEGER from Miramont de Quercy, the plumber Sébastien CHATAIN REMAZEILLES and the electrician Loïc CAUBEYRE from the DEP / ELEC company in Castelculier, without forgetting the tiler Joël de the LACAZE company in Montauban. They have done a wonderful job that you will appreciate when you come to our establishment.